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Music really belongs to my life and my family.

Erik van Hoof

Story about me

Welcome to my website! I was born in Nuenen. From the beginning I listen to music every day. But now hobby and gein have given way to a real career in music. I have been singing since 2006, it is a passion that is in your heart and it has to go. I started to discover myself and find myself the singer I am now. The singing began to become serious in 2006 by singing on my wedding day. That was the first time I sang to the public. The time after that I sang somewhere for fun occasionally because it was a passion. In 2011 we moved to Gran.

Gran Canaria

Here in Gran Canaria where we are still living, I continued singing. Even with my Dutch repertoire, a party is being built among the foreign guests. Music is not just my hobby, it is my passion. Each song is special in its own way and can have a lot of meaning. Love, happiness, tension or sadness you find everything in a song. Music really belongs to my life and my family. My children love to sing along and are also really busy with music. My repertoire is mainly English such as: Robbie Williams, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Ronan Keating, Everly Brothers, The Drifters and John Legend …… and many others. Come back to my site regularly and follow my agenda where I need to act.

I hope to see you soon, much love



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